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Welcome to
My new site is designed for magicians and magic enthusiasts from around the world. If you happened upon this site while you were searching for "corporate magic" or "entertainment", just click on the purple banner above and you will be immediately connected with my corporate website.

This site however is designed for those of us who dabble in the world of magic, amateurs, semi-pros and professionals alike. Why create a special site just for the magic world? The answer is quite simple. I have been very fortunate to make a good living as a professional magician for the past 35 years. Over those years I have created quite a backlog of routines, ideas and presentations that have used magic to deliver a corporate message for over 500 clients at trade shows and sales meetings around the world. Over the next few years I plan to place many of those ideas into the magic marketplace in the form of tricks, books, and DVD's.

On this site you will also find my current full line of products at our online Magic Shop including our two new releases, BITE ME and HEARTBREAKER. You can see a live performance video of both of these new tricks by clicking on the links to the left.


I can't tell you how much fun I have been having with both of these two routines. BITE ME is rather strange and not something people expect from a "corporate kind of guy" like me, but boy it's fun to do. They SEE you literally chew into a deck of cards and HEAR the sound of the cards crunching as you do. (No I did not enhance the audio on the demo that's what it sounds like.) Then you reproduce a corner of their card in your teeth with their signature. Finally, you reattach it to the signed selected card to end the trick. Personally I never liked "mouth magic" tricks and never performed them but BITE ME seems to be different. It walks that fine line between shock and disgust quite well.


HEARTBREAKER is a totally different effect. While BITE ME has a visceral appeal HEARTBREAKER goes right for the heart. It is fun combination of mindreading and magic with a strong emotional connection. I did this on a 92-year old lady and she literally blushed when she saw the initials of her childhood boyfriend from 80 years ago on the card. Better still a few of my younger unmarried friends said that it also generates quite an interesting reaction in a singles bar if you know what I mean. Of course being happily married for the past 32 years that's something I'll have to leave you confirm for yourself. If a magic trick can be addictive this one is. I currently find myself looking for opportunities to do HEARTBREAKER just to watch the reaction.

I've designed both these tricks so that they deliver more than just the visual "shock value" that is in vogue today with a lot of the "street magic" effects that you see on the internet. BITE ME and HEARTBREAKER have "shock value" but I've also created a presentation, which gives the visual effect a reason for existing and which connects the audience emotionally to what you are doing. That makes for a memorable magic effect. I hope you enjoy them.

Paul Gertner